Right now I should be doing my crunches or walking on the treadmill or doing some kind of exercise. I'm on the "injured reserve list." On Monday, Beth (my personal trainer) and I were "rocking and rolling" and I was lifting weights and all of a sudden I felt a big-time sprain in my chest. It was the very last exercise I was going to do for the session. I know I was warmed up, because we were really going at it for at least 55 minutes prior.

I have to take a week off of the exercising. My muscle is really sprained. Honestly, I needed a little rest. I have been exercising seven days a week. On Monday I'll go back at it again.

Since then, I have been keeping myself busy. I decided to get back into the workforce by starting my own business. Years ago, when my children were little, I used to sell lingerie at home parties. The company is still in existence and has added some "bedroom magic" to their line of products. As soon as I mentioned this to some of my friends, they went crazy. They all want to have a girls' night out party to purchase some of these items. So now I am busy booking parties, selling lingerie (and other stuff), and recruiting other people into my business. The company was so happy that I came back that they immediately returned me to "manager" status. So now I am working again, a home business that I truly enjoy.

We also taped a radio show the other day with Bob Greene. Now THAT was what I call FUN! I love doing the radio show and I could do that every day of my life. Bob was in Santa Barbara at home and I was in Orlando at home, and it was all done through the telephone. I made sure that I had makeup on, just in case Bob was going to make another surprise visit to my house. He didn't. Bob and I talked a lot about cheating on the diet. He thinks that I am cheating more than I think I am. (Does that sentence make sense?) I think that I am a food addict, and although I have struggled more than most, I am proud of my accomplishments so far. I am 50 years old, a female, and I quit smoking. I have to believe that my hormones are working against me. In a few weeks, I will be tested to make sure that all of my hormone levels are intact. Menopause is not an excuse, it's real.
Let me say this: Bob Greene really complimented me on quitting smoking and doing the exercise. He thinks that the food part is the one thing that I have to do better. I get so tired of being so good all of the time. But I really am being good to myself. I quit drinking soda—I should have lost 20 pounds just for that alone. I follow every single one of Bob Greene's Best Life Diet rules. I exercise like a fiend. I watch everything that goes into my mouth. I count calories! When I confessed cheating to Bob, it was small cheating, like eating three ounces of real pasta instead of whole wheat for one meal because the restaurant didn't have whole wheat pasta. Or having one bite of something sweet once a week. That is NOT so bad, is it? The amount that I am exercising should compensate for those tiny indiscretions.

So then...

Why is the weight not falling off of me like it is for the others? I know I'm not competing with the other challengers, but darn it, I KNOW I AM working JUST AS HARD if not HARDER than they are. I am not bitching, I am just a little frustrated. No I'm not in a size 12, I'm in a size 16. Believe me, I'm trying to be in a size 12–14. Melissa and Tracy, please save your old size 14s for me!

There has to be a point where you must say to yourself, "I cannot eat any less. I cannot exercise any more. It is what it is."

I'm not giving up losing the weight. I'm just giving up beating myself up for not losing it any faster. If you would see me you would think I've lost a lot of weight. Bob explained to me about all of the exercising and how my muscles are holding water, so that even though I haven't lost a lot of pounds, I am becoming smaller. Whatever! I'm feeling good—actually, great! I have a new business and I got to play a little hooky from all the working out this week because of my injury. I'm eating the Best Life Diet meals. All of my family members are healthy this week. I have lots of friends. Joe adores me.

Life is beautiful.


As a reminder, always consult your doctor for medical advice and treatment before starting any program.


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