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What You Want: A Beer**
A better choice: A shandy or Michelada
Both of these beverages are easy, flavorful ways to extend your beer and, therefore, drink less over the course of a night. To make a low-calorie shandy, add one part lemon-flavored seltzer and a squeeze of lemon to two parts beer. For Micheladas, which originated in Mexico, add dashes of hot sauce, Worcestershire sauce and black pepper as well as the juice of a lime into a pint glass. Add ice and pour the lager (preferably Mexican) over the top. As you sip, you can continue to top off the drink with lager from the bottle. Jarosh says this south-of-the-border beer cocktail has other benefits as well. Recent research suggests that hot, spicy flavors may help make you feel more full and can even create a tiny (although temporary) spike in metabolism—just what you need on a chilly winter night.

**The calories range widely depending on the type and the ABV, or alcohol by volume.