To get you through the summer on Oprah's Boot Camp, we checked in with Dana (left) and Kathleen (below) from the Harpo team! How are these Harpo staffers staying fit and maintaining weight loss in a season of cool drinks and barbecues?

"I keep a photograph of the boot camp team on my desk as an inspiration," Dana says. "If I get a craving, I look at that picture and think about how I do not want to go back! I also want to look good in my summer clothes, which do not cover me up as much as my winter clothes!

"I think it will be difficult to watch what I eat this summer because I anticipate being around food often—going to barbecues, going out to eat, etc. However, now that it is nicer out, I am walking a lot more. I think it is really important to take advantage of the good weather and be as active as I can outside!"

Kathleen says that she's been maintaining a 25-pound weight loss, but working out has been a bit harder. "I'm having trouble keeping up the frequency of workouts as work is very busy," she says. "But I'm trying for three or four days a week to run 2.5 to 3 miles.

"The food thing is still going okay for me, as I don't plan to go back to bread/pasta/rice/cereal/chips/potatoes," Kathleen says. "I don't miss it. I like my low carb meals, I really do. I don't miss the starch aspect. I've added wine back in and if I need sweets (which I do), I stick to some dark chocolate or dark chocolate raisins.

"I feel great! Anytime I want to go for a dinner roll or ice cream, I just focus on that it won't taste as good as losing the weight feels."
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