Skip It
No, not the workout...pick up a jump rope! Try jogging in place and just whipping the rope around in a figure-eight pattern. This helps you jump longer without misses. If you like skipping the rope, try different foot combinations like heel-digs, both-feet and high-knees.

Four Square
The old playground game takes on a new meaning when you are opting to get into shape. First, you need a court. Use chalk to draw a 4-foot-by-4-foot box on the sidewalk. Now, divide that into four 2-foot-by-2-foot boxes. Choose your number 1 square; then, go counterclockwise and label the remaining three.

Run in Water
Although the pool is a great place to cool off or swim a few laps, most people don't realize the benefits of running in the pool. Whether you run laps in the shallow end where the water is no higher than your armpits, or you are running when your feet don't touch the bottom, this is a perfect low-impact exercise for those recovering from injuries and can improve your mechanics while on the road too. If you run on the ground, try running in the pool at least once a week to help prevent nagging injuries like iliotibial band syndrome and plantar fasciitis.

Go for Three
For the overachiever in all of us, a triathalon—an event that combines swimming, biking and running—is the ultimate way to show off your fitness. If you are already a frequent exerciser, you may find the under-two-hour sprint distance course is easier than you think. I entered my first triathlon about four years ago and distinctly remember standing at the waterside while thinking, "Can I do this?" Since then, I've done several more. I now realize it takes less time to do a sprint triathlon than it does to get in a cardio-and-strength workout in the same day. Go ahead and enjoy the competition, but do the course for yourself first!

What outdoor activities do you miss most in the cold winter months? Share your summer activities in the comments area.

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