Roll With It
Dust off your skates and try skating or Rollerblading again. Most cities have Rollerblade safety clinics monthly—and some are even weekly. Remember to wear protective gear like elbow, knee and wrist pads, as well as a helmet. Roll on down the sidewalk to better-shaped legs.

Hula's Hip
The classic youthful fad—the hula hoop—is back with a new fitness focus. According to the founders of, "hooping" is a great way to burn calories and tighten the core. Creators Gabriella and Melissa started the movement when they needed to lose 50 stubborn pounds of baby weight. The fitness hoops are a little heavier and bigger—though there are portable hoops to take to the park—than the children's hoop you're used to. And a DVD gives you inspiration and basic moves to get lost in the swing of things.

Batter Up
Baseball season is in full swing, so do your part to try something new. Pick up a bat and try a few simple core and glute moves for your waistline and bottom line. Start by swinging a bat from side to side while keeping it parallel to the ground. This is a great core toner. Changing the swing direction allows the muscles to decelerate the initial force, making it a great resistance workout too.

For your bottom side, lie on the floor with your feet on the bat and lift your hips up. Hold them for three seconds and return to the ground. For a greater challenge, while your hips are lifted, roll the bat toward and away from your body. This focuses on the hamstrings and glutes. Try this for 10 to 15 repetitions.

Vertical moves
Although you may think rock climbing is only an upper-body workout, spending a day on a 30-foot wall will prove it is a great activity to challenge your total body strength. As you reach for the rock or hand-hold, you step into your foot to push your body weight up the wall. You'll also need a partner—making this a perfect activity for getting healthy with a friend.
As a reminder, always consult your doctor for medical advice and treatment before starting any program.


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