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A Set of Blackout Shades You Wear on Your Face
What: Glo to Sleep Mask

How it works: This mask is supposed to help you get into a meditative, sleep-primed state: You gaze upon the blinking blue lines in the eye panels until they fade away or your relaxed brain lets you nod off—whichever comes first.

Why we'd like to try it: We're just as interested in the black void around the glowing lines. We know that making the room as dark as possible signals the pineal gland to start producing melatonin, the body's natural sleep drug. This foam mask looks like it will block out light as well as room-darkening curtains yet won't affect a partner who likes to wake up with the sun. (Bonus: Because the Glo to Sleep mask sits slightly off the face, it may accommodate long eyelashes better than traditional eye masks).

Price: $30