beating winter blues

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Get Up in the Dark (To Do This)
What you've tried: It seems masochistic to wake up before dawn to exercise, so in October, you switched from working out in the morning to working out at night.

Why it might not work: Between work, family, friends and Netflix, you almost never make it to that 7 p.m. exercise class.

What to try instead: Researchers have found promising data on the mood-boosting benefits of exercise, and some therapists now recommend it to treat depression. (We also know people who have tried waking up in the dark and heading directly into a gym, and have been rewarded with a bump in alertness and mood that lasts for most of a cold, wintry day.) We brought this up with Kelly Rohan, PhD, associate professor of psychology at the University of Vermont, who specializes in seasonal affective disorder. She says that there are only a few small studies that look specifically at exercise and seasonal affective disorder (SAD), but they suggest that aerobic exercise could help (especially with the milder seasonal blues).