Dr. Andrew Weil, Rosie Daley
Two of America's most popular authorities on healthy eating and cooking are here!

Dr. Andrew Weil and Oprah's former chef Rosie Daley have teamed up to create a new cookbook, The Healthy Kitchen. They'll show you that meals that are good for your heart can be delicious. They even recommend chocolate and blueberry cobb

The Best Food Choices
Dr. Weil says that most people don't realize they can reduce their risk of heart disease with a few simple changes to their grocery list! Did you know chocolate can lower your cholestrol?

Healthy Heart Recipes
Rosie and Dr. Weil say that it's easy to cook healthy without losing flavor—learn how to make some of her favorite heart-healthy recipes!
Dr. Andrew Weil
Dr. Andrew Weil, one of the world's leading authorities on integrative medicine, and Oprah's former chef Rosie Daley agree that the worst things in the American diet are artificial, processed and refined foods. They want to get people eating natural, whole foods. Learn why the foods they use in their recipes are good for you!

Dark Chocolate: Believe it or not, a small quantity of high-quality dark chocolate helps lower cholesterol. It also has the same antioxidant as red wine and green tea. It should be at least 70% cocoa, which means it has relatively little sugar in it.

Nuts: It is a new finding that some nuts are very good for you. They have fiber, vitamin E and good fat. Walnuts in particular have omega 3 fatty acids. A handful of nuts a day is good for the heart.

Fruit: Eat as many different-colored fruits as possible. They are full of antioxidants that protect your heart. The seeds in raspberries are high in fiber. Blueberries help prevent scarring of the arteries. Peaches have lower sugars than most fruits, so are better for you.

Garlic: This is a real heart tonic! It helps lower cholesterol levels and blood pressure. You add this in to your diet on a regular basis—a clove or two a day.

Chicken: Good if you use free-range chicken or substitute with tofu. Be sure to remove the skin, removing the fat.

Marinating Meats: Marinating meats like chicken with garlic, spices and herbs reduces the potential for them to be carcinogenic when you grill or broil them.

Quinoa: It is a grain-like seed, used by the Incas. This is one of the world's most perfect foods because it has more protein and fewer carbohydrates than most grains. It has 8 amino acids and can also lower your cholesterol.

Tofu: This soy cheese is a heart-healthy alternative to meat and eggs. It takes on all flavors and is a great source of protein.

Enhanced Eggs: These eggs produced with omega 3 fatty acids add another source of this vital fat into your diet.

Turmeric: This yellow spice is one of the hottest medicinal plants around. It's a powerful anti-inflammatory agent and anti-cancer agent. (And the flavor is wonderful!)

Fish: Fatty fish like salmon and tuna are rich in omega 3 fatty acids. Americans are very deficient in these vital fats. Other foods like walnuts, soy products or flax seeds contain this fat. If you're not eating fish or these foods, take supplements.

Spectrum Spread: This is a product with no hydrogenated fats, and is a source of omega 3 fatty acids. Try it as a butter substitute.

Potatoes: This is a carbohydrate that is fibrous and better for you than bread. Potatoes in moderation are good for you.

See what Dr. Weil and Rosie Daley are cooking upSee what Dr. Weil and Rosie Daley are cooking up with these great foods. And learn how to make these delicious dishes step by step!  


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