Night Sweats

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Stick It To Those Night Sweats
Hot flashes keeping you up at night? You're not alone—one study found that 81 percent of women with severe hot flashes also suffered from symptoms of chronic insomnia. But take heart: There's evidence that acupuncture may offer relief. According to a small 2014 clinical trial published in the journal Menopause, when women were treated with traditional Chinese acupuncture once a week for 12 weeks, they saw a striking reduction in their hot flashes.

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Stretch Through The Stress
Estrogen increases the concentration of feel-good serotonin, and progesterone has been shown to have sleep-inducing properties; when those hormones plummet, so do your chances of getting a good night's rest. But research has shown that relaxation techniques and yoga can help improve your slumber. A 2013 study found that after menopausal and postmenopausal women took 90-minute yoga classes once a week and practiced at home daily for three months, they reported a reduction in their insomnia.

Here are a few moves you can do in bed

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Rebalance Hormones
Hormone replacement therapy (HRT), once considered risky because its side effects have been linked to heart disease, blood clots, and breast cancer, is back in favor as one of the most effective ways to relieve certain symptoms of menopause when the treatment is used for a short term and in low doses. By replacing estrogen and progesterone that the body no longer produces naturally, HRT can improve sleep quality.