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Linda Jourdan, 47
Machine operator in a stainless steel cutting factory in Hillsdale, Michigan
Age at first puff: 22
Past quit attempts: the patch

Linda says: "After finding the O board and quitting for five weeks, I started smoking again, right after my husband, Dale, began. Truthfully, I go through about two and a half packs daily. I don't think I'm strong enough to quit without my husband stopping—and my daughter, who lives with me, smokes as well. My husband has been sick lately and in the hospital with pneumonia—the cigarettes act as my calming nerve pill. It's a physical craving, too. I do wish I could make over my life and myself. But sometimes I just feel like a lost cause."

Dr. Schroeder's suggestion: Linda is another smoker who would benefit most from combination therapy—the patch, NRT gum or lozenges, and Zyban. Chantix alone is also an option. Linda has a tough challenge with her husband smoking, but perhaps his health problems will shake up the motivation.