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Lisa Harter, 43
Manager of an orthodontics office in Toledo
Age at first puff: 12
Past quit attempts: Wellbutrin, cold turkey

Lisa says: "I've tried to quit with meds before, but I don't like taking that route. For me, smoking is more of a social addiction than anything. The initial craving passes if you wait. On a girls' night out with my smoking co-workers, however, I'll light up. And I bum one to five cigarettes a day. I take only a few puffs. But I feel as though I have no self control."

Dr. Schroeder's suggestion: NRT gum or lozenges for when Lisa is out with the girls. (As in Sharon's case, this is probably enough.) Staying active on the message board is a good way to address Lisa's "social addiction"; rather than lighting up with her friends, she can identify with the ex-smoker group. "Her risk of weight gain, which she's concerned about, is low because she's a relatively light smoker," he says. Still, she should try to start an exercise program before she quits.