Every day I walk through the studio doors into an applauding audience and get a little charge. It's both validating and energizing.

Right now, I want to join the ranks of all those who love and care about you. Imagine them putting their hands together in praise of you taking a major step in improving your life: realizing that your health is your life.

Congratulations on deciding to join!

Work: physical, emotional, and spiritual. Peeling back the layers of repressed feelings that you've eaten for years.

Because I struggled for so long and failed so many times with my weight, I really want to see you succeed. I've wasted years of my life's energy on weight. When the real problem wasn't weight at all. Weight has been the symptom of many other issues. If your life's issues have helped make you fat, the decision to release the burdens you carry in pounds forever is a pivotal moment in your life's journey. Not just another diet/exercise program to be taken lightly.

I now know after years of yo-yo-ing, and excuses like I'll start another program next Monday…tomorrow…for the Emmy's…for my birthday…etc.—that the real decision is—I choose to live my best life. Not a mediocre, somewhat healthy, getting by kind of existence. But full throttle.

Everybody tries new plans hoping for a secret weapon, ingredient, formula, combination of foods. The secret I have found is the force of your own decision to change. A decision is different than a wish, or a desire. Years ago a young mother who was on the show explained how she was having trouble getting her 3-year-old daughter to bed. She was so frustrated because her daughter was ruling the household.

Dr. Andrew Taraki was the expert advising her, who watched the videotape of her screaming child throwing tantrums every night before bedtime. He told the woman something so profound that I never forgot it. "The reason your daughter doesn't go to bed," he said, "is because you haven't decided that is what you really want her to do." He continued, "You haven't decided whether you want to be her friend and playmate, or if you want to be her mother. When you make that decision, she will follow." I have found that to be true in every aspect of life you control. Once you take yourself from "I think I will, I really want to" to "I have decided"—you feel the full force of that commitment.
As a reminder, always consult your doctor for medical advice and treatment before starting any program.


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