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Doing it for Yourself
When I met my husband, Cory, I was 125 pounds. Two years later, I weigh in at about 205. We used to be intimate, but now we hardly do anything. I promised him that I would be back down to what I looked like when we met by our anniversary, but I can't stick to my diet. I don't want to lose Cory to a good-looking girl. I will do anything if I can get your help. Please. 
— Christina, 19, Washington, Utah

Fuhggedit. F.u.h.g.g.e.d.i.t. It will never, ever work. Christina, you can't lose weight for Cory. You didn't put the weight on because of Cory, and you won't be able to take the weight off because of Cory. If you want to look like you did two years ago, the decision—and it must be an emotional, spiritual decision—can come only from you and be only for you. From you. For you. Nothing to do with Cory.