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Self Sabotage
For some reason, the minute I start feeling and looking good and getting compliments, I sabotage myself. How do I find out what's keeping me from liking myself? 
— Michi, 46, Lakewood, California

Michi from Lakewood, that is a really good question you're asking. Obviously, you have some shadow beliefs that you are not worthy of happiness and true success. That's the only reason you would keep sabotaging yourself.

When I started working out with my group, I said to them, "We're going to peel back the layers. You need to ask yourselves a lot of questions about why you've put on the weight and why you've dieted time and time again. But I can already tell you what the answer is: You didn't feel worthy of being loved."

The "Am I good enough?" question plagues millions of people and, if you ask me, is the root of many evils. To get a handle on it, I'd try to figure out at what age this started to form as a reality for you.

One thing that helped me was realizing that I am not just Vernon and Vernita's daughter but God's child, so I am worthy of the abundance that the universe has to offer. Nobody who has struggled with her weight achieves a significant loss without some kind of spiritual and emotional component. And that spiritual component always, always comes down to: Am I worthy of being loved? Am I worthy of the best?