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Feeding the Family
I am 5'4" and weigh more than 250 pounds. It is so hard to make healthy items for me and meet my family's meat-and-potatoes needs when I barely have the energy to work out and still cook. Any suggestions? 
— Kelly, 41, Wauwatosa, Wisconsin

Food doesn't have to be artery clogging in order for it to taste good. "The Incredibles" really are incredible. I live on everything you see pictured, and it's all nutritious, delicious, quick, and simple to make. A bowl of garlic-wilted spinach? My God, it's unbelievable! The wild salmon and soybeans is fantastic. The broccoli and roasted-walnut soup, that's a favorite as well. Or you can find a lot of healthy and easy recipes in Art Smith's Kitchen Life: Real Food for Real Families—Even Yours! I've eaten everything in that book. And if your family still has to have their meat and potatoes, serve yourself a smaller portion of the beef or pork and go easy on the spuds. Losing weight permanently is about integrating the way you eat into your lifestyle.