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Finding Support
I am a teen who has been dealing with constant weight battles. Every day I go home crying to my mother about how much I get teased. Since my hometown is small, I can't seem to find help; I'm not sure where to turn. 
— Sierra, 18, Lottsburg, Virginia

Why don't you join our Boot Camp? We are giving special walking advice for people who can't get to the gym. If you do the program, you'll lose weight. Guaranteed. You could also organize your own boot camp group where you live. I've struggled with my weight for years, but I finally realize it's not that hard. The key is making up your mind that you want to do this for yourself. You also need to get the right information about food and exercise—and then follow it. When people say, "I've tried every diet and not one of them has worked," I ask, "And how many did you stick with?" All diets work if you follow them.