"I get 10,000 IU of vitamin D either by lying in the sun for about 15 minutes or by pill. Then I make sure to get one extra hour of sleep."
Mehmet Oz, MD

"If I am feeling well enough and don't have a fever, I heat up my body as quickly as possible through exercise or a warm bath. Sometimes I sip hot herbal tea while in the bath. More often than not this seems to knock out the bug—the theory is that heat destroys or at least inhibits viruses, which is why when your body detects a virus it elevates your temperature. So you're jump-starting the process, but the key is to do it as soon as you feel any symptoms! Listen to your body so you're aware of symptoms as soon as they appear."
Bob Greene , personal trainer


And what about swine flu? Keep in mind this holiday swine flu season that drinking too much too fast can weaken your immune system. Researchers at Mississippi State and Louisiana State Universities believe it's because alcohol stops our bodies from producing certain cytokines, compounds that fight disease. Source: BMC Immunology , in press

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