It's hard to imagine how one man could trick nine women at once, but Sofia, one of the women Philippe infected, says she never imagined he was cheating. Like Diane, Sofia had just gotten out of a long marriage and was new to the dating scene. "He was so handsome, so gentlemanly. He always opened the doors for you. He wrote notes to me always in Spanish and said, 'Te quiero mi amor,'" she says. 

"He was very slippery, though," Susan says."I didn't suspect him because he worked so hard. That's the impression that I got. He was always busy working."

Diane says Philippe was able to juggle so many women because he had a very strategic plan for fooling each of them. "He had us all lined out," she says. "[One woman got] Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. Then he had his Tuesday, Thursday. And then he had somebody on Friday night," she says. He even called everybody sweetie so as not to get any names mixed up.


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