These five of Philippe Padieu's victims have a common goal: to make all women realize they need to be tested for HIV/AIDS. "One thing that really bothers me, which I hear repeated a lot, and Philippe said this to me, is: 'You're going to be okay. This is not a death sentence,'" Susan says. "The message is let's not be complacent. It is a death sentence if you don't know that you have the virus. You will die. You will get sick and you will die and you may not know what it was because doctors are not catching it a lot of times. They don't see a lot of the unrelated  symptoms come together. So it's really important that you get tested and you know what your status is."

Don't assume that because you're married or don't fit a specific profile you are safe, says Diane. "Every single time you visit the doctor's office, get a test," she says. "You don't know what your partner's doing. Marriage is no guarantee."


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