Dating Philippe ended unexpectedly for all five women, but they say they haven't given up on love. "There's a website on which several of us have found the gentleman in our life now. It is just for people who have been infected with HIV/AIDS," Tricia says. "I found a wonderful man who is a 21-year survivor of HIV. ... He possibly is the love of my life, and had I not gone down this journey of pain and making the wrong decisions, I would have never found him."

Since ending her relationship with Philippe, Susan has remarried. "I thought it was over for me too," she says. "I went out and I needed someone to talk to. I found this website where they have people that can be your mentors and can talk to you if you're newly diagnosed. I found this wonderful man who has AIDS, and he has dealt with this for over 15 years. We talked and talked online and then decided to get together, and we got married almost a year ago."

Diane says she is dating someone who does not have HIV. "He's very kind, caring, compassionate," she says. "I disclosed on the second date. That was a difficult moment. But, you know, he's wonderful."


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