At the Gym: Cover Cuts
It's a deadly superbug that's sweeping the nation. If you're afraid of being infected by MRSA, find out how to protect yourself. From the health club to the hospital, discover simple ways to stay healthy.

Athletes are more at risk than most because of the bacteria lurking in locker rooms. If you're an avid exerciser, doctors suggest covering your cuts and scrapes while you're in the gym.

At the Gym: Say No to Sharing
While at the gym, don't share items like towels or razors.

At the Gym: Cover Your Feet
If you use the health club locker room, don't go barefoot. Swap your sneakers for flip-flops.

At the Gym: Bathing Basics
After a workout, shower immediately when you get into the locker room.

At the Gym: Wash and Wear
Most importantly, if you're an athlete, always wash your practice clothes to kill potentially dangerous bacteria.

At the Hospital: Practice Hand Hygiene
MRSA first developed in hospitals, so patients should also be cautious. Hand hygiene is the best way to protect yourself and the people you care about from infection.

When you have visitors, ask them to wash their hands before they come see you…and the same goes for doctors.

At the Hospital: Speak Up
If people are coming to see you without washing their hands, encourage them to wash up. Keep an alcohol dispenser or hand purifier by your bedside to make it more convenient.

At the Hospital: Gift Caution
When friends and family members bring you gifts, be careful about what you accept. A teddy bear could be contaminated with MRSA…and you'd never know it.

At the Hospital: Bedside Manners
Ask people who are coming to visit you in the hospital to be cautious. Visitors should sit on the chair in the room…not on your bed. This keeps potentially dangerous bacteria at a safe distance.

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