Dr. Oz visits Montel's home in Jackson, Tennessee, to see what a day in his life is like. Every day, Montel says he pays close attention to three things—his diet, exercise and medication.

He starts the day with an array of medications—27 pills and a few injections. What's his biggest fear when he wakes up? Not being able to walk.

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To ease the pain in his legs and build strength, he also hits the gym. Montel says he's rarely missed a workout since he was diagnosed.

A healthy diet—full of fruits and vegetables—is also important to Montel's health. "They are cooling for an inflammatory state, so therefore the more vegetables I put through the body, the cooler I am," he says. "That may mitigate this pain by about 2 percent."

Some days, no matter how hard he tries to stay positive, Montel tells Dr. Oz he wishes he could forget about his illness. "I have those days. 'Damn it, I'm tired of being sick,'" he says. "[But] if I spend less time focusing on how miserable…I start thinking about stuff outside of me. That's stops the hurting."
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