MIND grocery list

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Your Brain-Boosting Grocery List

The MIND diet includes ten brain-healthy food groups, but you don't need to eat each daily.

Every day:
□ Whole grains (three or more servings)
□ Leafy greens (one serving)
□ Other veggies (one or more servings)
□ Glass of wine (opt for red)

Most days:
□ Nuts (like almonds and walnuts)
□ Olive oil (as main cooking oil)

Every other day:
□ Beans

Twice a week or more:
□ Blueberries or strawberries
□ Poultry

At least once a week:
□ Fish

Limit these foods:

Butter (less than one tablespoon per day)
Fast food and fried food (less than one serving per week)
Full-fat cheese (less than one serving per week)
Red meat (less than four times per week)
Pastries and sweets (less than five servings per week)