I had the funniest thing happen to me last night as I was lying in bed. I remembered that I had gone through the two boxes of skinny clothes, but there were a few items that weren't in the box. This morning I ran downstairs and found it—my little black dress. I was wearing it when I met my husband and it has always sort of been a gauge of how well I'm doing. Ironically, I tried it on this morning and it was as loose as it has ever been. Then I realized: All those clothes that I had been hesitating to try on? I better hurry up. I'll miss them on my way back down.

My world has really changed so much. I used to lie on the bed and suck in my tummy to get clothes to fit. Now I'm trying to rig up a belt-pinning system because my clothes are too big.

I actually threw a blouse over the top and wore my little black dress to work today. Mostly because this dress has always been such a huge indicator of how good I am as a person. And today I realized that my self-worth is completely unrelated to a piece of clothing.

So I threw on the dress, and I feel like I'm taking today to remember that I shouldn't feel guilty for gaining weight. I'm taking this moment to be appreciative of how wonderful I feel and noting that this journey is about the person I'm peeling away the layers to find. And I'm feeling better irrespective of what outfit I'm able to fit into.

Feeling cute on the inside,

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