It's funny how so many people say, "When's the last show? Then you can go off this diet." Or, "Are you going to stop working out when this is all over?" I look at them completely perplexed. I finally have a lifestyle that I want. Granted, I'm working a lot and balancing travel as well as all the other aspects of life, but this is what my life is going to look like.

Yes, working out at 11 p.m., or arriving home after 24 straight hours of travel and work can be hectic, but this truly is the life I want. I love the gift of going to the gym late when I know everyone else is there because they have the same level of dedication, and spending an hour on the treadmill and arc trainer. It's a great way for me to wrap up the day, and feels great to kick off my 4-inch heels and give myself a special moment to collect and reward myself with something that is completely about me.

There is no end to this journey. I firmly believe that there probably is not going to be a day when I cannot think twice about the food and beverages I put in my mouth. That being said, I have an amazing perspective on how it feels to dig down really deep and find the motivation and self-love that it takes to get my life back.

I think, going forward, Matt and I will continue to choose our newfound adventure spa vacations and that we're going to keep trying new activities. We never were quite fond of lying on the beach. And who's to say that rock climbing, running 5Ks, mountain biking and a massage aren't the best ways that we can share our time together.

I recently watched the first Oprah Show and caught when Oprah mentioned that this isn't about getting into a pair of size 10 Calvin Klein jeans. Well, I'm in a size 10 and can definitely say that this isn't what this journey has been about. A very nice perk, but not the impetus for my motivation. This has been about making time for me to make the right choices in my food, and about every morning when I wanted to lie in bed and found that place deep inside that got me out running.

So no, the last show isn't about taking a break and going out for milkshakes and burgers. The last show is a great time to reunite with my fellow challengers and show everyone that something I thought was never possible can come true.

As a reminder, always consult your doctor for medical advice and treatment before starting any program.


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