After months and months I really feel like I belong at the gym. You're likely to see me toting around a Bosu and a body bar, or wheeling around a spin bike because I'm a lot more confident. Best of all, I'm not just using the 5-pound hand weights. I frequently venture to the "men's section" and my favorite machine is one that helps you do pull ups—now that's hard core. People at the gym have started to notice my change, and I know most of the other "regulars."

I went to the running shoe store and was getting a new pair of shoes and someone asked if I was doing the marathon. Hmmm. Interesting fantasy, but no. Just 5Ks for now, thank you. I remember feeling like I was so out of place in March when I was buying new running shoes. Now I walk in and know exactly which shoe I want because I'm a real runner!

When shopping for clothing I always sort of felt like size 12 and 14 were just barely "normal girl" sizes. Now that I'm buying some size 10s I feel like I'm not on the cusp of being a "plus-size girl." Also I don't feel like I have to tell the sales ladies I'm just browsing or looking for a gift for someone else—I really belong in the "normal girl" sizes.

At this point the only place I don't know that I fit in is at work. I feel like I'm trying to get by on just two suits because at the rate that I'm outgrowing suits I can hardly keep up with a wardrobe. Sorry everyone that I'm a frequent "outfit repeater." When I get to my goal I promise a whole host of great outfit variation.

As a reminder, always consult your doctor for medical advice and treatment before starting any program.


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