I had to pause for a moment. Since I changed jobs, I've taken the Best Life Diet to: Texas, Alabama, Utah, Nevada, Arizona, Ohio, Indiana, California, Wisconsin, New York, Pennsylvania, and now Washington. I honestly cannot believe all of the travel that I have done lately. I think it's important to realize that while I'm "on the road" I normally try to maintain, and then work harder on the weekends, it is possible to keep slimming down with a hectic schedule.

I'm really excited to be in Seattle. Last time I was here I was much heavier and had to keep stopping when we were hiking. Now I'm excited to be much more active. The best part about Seattle is that, food-wise, there are a lot of healthy choices. What I really like out West is that it is a very healthy lifestyle, there are people who actually kayak to work—isn't that fantastic?

Things are going well, and I think I'm finally to the point where the Best Life Diet is really my Best Lifestyle. It's no longer a question of making excuses—it's really just about realizing possibilities. Tonight I ran for 18 minutes straight on the treadmill—that's a new personal record for me. I'm very excited and cannot wait until I can run for 20 minutes straight. I still remember when walking two minutes and running one minute for 20 minutes seemed like a workout.

It's great to realize such a change in my capabilities.

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