I was shopping for a pair of hose the other day and looking at the chart to determine which size I was wearing these days. When I was looking at the chart I remembered that I had a BMI of nearly 40 when the challenge started, and I wondered what my BMI was after six months of the challenge. I was pleasantly surprised: My 38.6 BMI was now down to 29.9. When I looked at the categories, I realized that 29.9 was actually the upper limit for "overweight." Who knew I'd be so thrilled to only be overweight? But I'll take it, and look forward to being in the "normal" weight category.

I also went to my doctor, an experience I used to completely dread. I would try to concentrate on relaxing so my blood pressure wouldn't be off the charts. I had what they call "white coat hypertension," which means that I was fast on the path to having high blood pressure. Since the challenge started, I've had a few 120/75 readings lately, so I dread it a little less. When I was in the office this time I had a remarkable 90/60. First I questioned if I was still alive with a stat like that, but apparently it's great news.

When my doctor came in he was so supportive and continued to comment on how impressed he was with my success. I have a wonderful doctor, but I must admit that going in for my checkups is no longer something that I worry about. Admittedly, the nurses think I'm odd because I get so excited when I get results from my lipid panel or blood pressure, but for everyone who has had a struggle with their weight, I know that the scale isn't the only way that progress is seen.

As a reminder, always consult your doctor for medical advice and treatment before starting any program.


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