Well, two months have gone by and we have just finished up our ninth week. I feel like I am right on track. I have lost 20 pounds so far and I am hoping to lose a little more before the next show. The ultimate would be if I could lose another 10—I would love to walk on the show 30 pounds lighter.

The "big day" is coming soon and I am a little nervous. I am not too excited about weighing in on the show. I am not nervous about the weight part...just about what we might have to wear. The black shorts and bra are not the most flattering thing to wear and to be on national TV. I know I must sound a little vain, but trust me, the rest of the Best Life bunch feels the same way as I do, and if someone was going to say something about the fashions, it would be me. I was the one at our retreat trying to figure out how to make the spa clothes look more fashionable.

I realize I have to look at the bigger picture and I know it will add a wow factor to all that we have accomplished by revealing our weight loss on TV. So bring on the black shorts and bra. Hmm...I wonder what I can do to it to make it look a little more flattering.

Although I am not excited about the weigh in, I am excited to reveal what has been going on in my life and how the challenge has been. It is exciting to know that hopefully someone out there can relate to my story and maybe I have helped in some little way to make someone make healthy changes in their life. You know, everyone keeps saying that you have no idea how many people are watching you and how people are relating to us in so many ways.

I guess it's hard to believe that I could touch another person's life when it comes to my weight loss. I am just like any other normal person living in the D.C. area trying to stay committed to a program. I used to read about other weight loss stories and would think they seem like me—what did they have that I don't? I realized it's not that they had anything different. It was just about my determination, my commitment and what choices I make every single day. When you get that, it is such a great feeling!


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