Boy, this Phase 2 is a lot different than Phase 1. I am definitely taking it one day at a time. It has made me more aware of my portions and what one serving really looks like. You know you don't really realize how the calories rack up.

The other day I made homemade waffles for my husband and me. The syrup was 210 calories for one tablespoon. We joked because he said he probably had about 620 or more calories of syrup on his waffles. The thing is, you could easily do that and not even realize what you just consumed—and that's not even counting the calories from the waffle! After adding that up I had one waffle and one tablespoon of syrup, which was not very much syrup. Normally that is a breakfast that I would have enjoyed, but without the extra butter, the other waffle, more syrup and making it without substituting the eggs for egg beaters, using skim milk and adding no butter or oil into the just didn't taste the same. So for me, some of these old habits and things that I would normally eat I would rather just cut them out of my diet all together.

I guess you don't really realize how much emphasis you can sometimes put on food. That was a moment for me to think about, because I am trying to eat in a different way and look at how I am nourishing my body. In the past I worried more about how it would taste—and don't get me wrong, it still needs to taste good—but as we celebrate the differences in people, I am learning to celebrate the differences in foods that are better for nourishing my body.

This new life change has made me really take a look at food and how it affects me, my body and my life.

That is something that I had never really done in the past, and thanks to Bob Greene for making me think about how food affects me and how I let it affect my life.


As a reminder, always consult your doctor for medical advice and treatment before starting any program.


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