I am back from Cancun, and glad to be on American soil. Okay, so we didn't check the weather. And who knew there was a hurricane coming? Before we had the hurricane scare, Playa Del Carmen was fabulous. It is quite the cutie spot with lots of cool and hip lounges to go to. We definitely hit our fair share of them...but I was quite the good girl, no drinking! I just had water and occasionally a ginger ale.

My beach experience was good. I went running in the morning on the beach, and I have to say I felt good with my body because there were definitely all shapes and sizes floating all around me. There were definitely the "beautiful ones," but I felt like I blended in just right.

For my 40th, I went to Jamaica and I was much larger then. In my mind I was floating all around there. So that felt good to know that I am three sizes smaller now.


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