Okay, so I love clothes and my ultimate dream is to walk out on our last show with designer jeans on. That is my visual at night. Sometimes when I go to bed I see myself walking onto the stage with my designer jeans, my designer shoes and, of course, to boot, my designer bag. I keep saying that it will be my treat to myself when I have made my goal.

Now I am saving this for the end, but the other day I went shopping with my girlfriend, which, I must say is always fun. But it's becoming more enjoyable with my body ever changing.

I went to the jeans department in Saks and I did it—I tried on my first pair of real designer jeans. I can't tell you which ones, but let's just say they are generous to the hips, thighs and booty—as it states on the tag. And Lord knows I am not lacking in any on those departments. And do you know that I got those bad boys on a size 32. I am not quite sure what size that is, but I do know that it is the largest size that they make. But who cares. I got them on and zipped them up.

I was jumping up and down and dancing all around the dressing room in excitement. I even ran out of the dressing room frantically looking for my girlfriend to celebrate with me. Trying on those jeans was a serious workout in itself, for those of you who know all about the jeans dance and how you have to jump a little, do a couple of squats, it's the ritual for trying on jeans. You ladies know what I am talking about.

Right now they are for my eyes only. I am still not quite there yet. As we all know with these jeans, they are all low cut and I still have a little too much junk in the trunk to parade them around. But that's okay. Give me until the end of the summer and I will be ready for those jeans. And, even better yet, give me until our last show and I won't be in a size 32.


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