Last week was a rough one. Why? It was one of the first times I really, really wanted to go back to my old ways of eating. I wanted some fried seafood and french fries in the worst way. What provoked this surge? Moving!

Oh, my goodness. I moved this past weekend. I must say that the stress of the move by itself was enough to take me to the edge. Packing, getting movers, making sure the new space was ready, cleaning, etc., created in me an overwhelming sense of wanting to retreat to a place of comfort. Add to that trying to navigate a new community to find something to eat because your food is packed and on a truck, and I had a true recipe for disaster.

So, how did it go? Well, I didn't exercise much last week (only three times), and while I could attempt to excuse it away because of the packing process, I won't. My eating was better and I maintained my Phase 2 diet. The only problem was that I didn't write things down. Argh! For me, writing down my food is so very important! So I'm frustrated that I didn't keep up with that.

Well, I've brushed myself off and I'm back on the wagon. I started writing down my food and I've even started a new exercise program this week that will definitely be kicking my butt! I'm still unpacking and still a little stressed out. But, oh well, I have work to do! Now, I'm on the hunt for an accountability partner because, let's face it, I need some more help on this! I have some great cheerleaders, but now I need a drill sergeant. Well, not really a drill sergeant, but you know what I mean!

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