Hi there,

I hope this message finds you well. I'm looking forward to getting together with the team soon. Anyway, here's Week 4. Can you believe it...where has the time gone? Soon, I'll be writing Week 24.

The end of the fourth week has finally arrived and I must say that the day started out with a fizzle. We received the word from Bob that we could weigh ourselves this morning. Man, oh, man! How is it that four digits has such an impact on me? If you would have asked me how I was doing on this challenge prior to getting on the scale, I would have discussed how my new behaviors have become habits. I would have mentioned how I am starting to get creative with my drink orders sans alcohol. I would have been beaming about my progress. Well, after I read the scale...waited a few minutes...and read it again, a surge of disappointment rushed over me. Suddenly, my efforts became reflective of this number. No new habits, no accomplishments, no pride...just a number that was only a half-pound less than it was when I started this process.

At first I took it hard. "Lucy, you'se got some s'plainin' to do!" I was so frustrated, embarrassed, etc. I began to get that feeling that I used to get when diets didn't net the quick results I was looking for. I just sat and sulked for a while. How was I going to face everyone? Heck, what would Bob say? Oh no! But then something fabulous happened. I checked my e-mail and Tori had started a thread about her minimal weight loss...then Barb...then it just kept coming. By the end of the day, all of the team had sent words of encouragement to one another about disappointment with their scale numbers. With each e-mail, my spirit was lifted.

Bill reminded us that this was a journey and that we were just at the beginning. Melissa reminded us of how our behaviors had changed and that was what was most important. They were right! I have improved certain behaviors and, while the scale didn't reflect it, I KNOW IT! I've been working hard in Phase 1 and I should be proud of that. So I brushed myself off and filled up my water bottle. Heck, I had work to do! Whew, I'm so glad I checked that e-mail. If I hadn't, I'd be drowning myself in McD's french fries and a caramel sundae! And after coming so far, that's no place I want to be.

The lesson...success isn't always measured on the scale. What's more, the support of friends is invaluable!


As a reminder, always consult your doctor for medical advice and treatment before starting any program.


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