Will there ever come a day when you don't have to be conscious of everything that goes into your mouth? Where you don't feel guilty when you don't go to the gym? Umm, if there is a day, it's not today!

This week, I realized how much attention I pay to my food. While this doesn't mean that I have eating down to a science (not even close), I am hypersensitive to the food around me. I now fully realize how much food is a part of my culture and lifestyle. It requires much more than shifting some things in the food cabinets in order to make a significant change to your diet. Knowing this makes this whole process a little easier. Speaking with nutritionist Janis, I know that this journey of weight loss will continue well beyond the framework of this show. It began here and I'm thankful, but it may take years before I reach my goal weight/size. But when I do reach that goal, a party will definitely commence. :-)

Speaking of food, grocery shopping was the main item on the agenda this week. While sifting through the aisles, I ran across an unfamiliar brand, Amy's. They offer frozen vegetarian meals that taste very good. I have used their products on days when cooking is not an option. Other than that discovery, I try to stay around the perimeter of the store. Apparently, that's where all of the healthy items are. Who knew? Now when I return to the grocery store, I'll know what to do!

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As a reminder, always consult your doctor for medical advice and treatment before starting any program.


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