This week was a bit difficult for me. At times I can be my biggest critic and I was struggling to accept the importance of balancing this new program with the rest of my commitments. In my mind, I wanted to give 200 percent to everything. That's simply not possible and I really had problems coming to grips with that reality

Sometimes, the gym received 200 percent, sometimes it was my church commitments. That's not to mention the effort that is required for school and all of my obligations. The walls seemed to close in as I berated myself for the things not checked off of the "to do" list.

The good news is that I didn't go to comfort foods and sulk. The bad news is that I also didn't rush off to the gym to get in an extra workout. I found myself somewhat paralyzed in considering what to tackle first. By the time I realized that some productivity was better than no productivity, the week was almost over. As I reflect back on it I realize that weeks like this are a part of life. I'm certain that I'm not the only human on the planet who feels overwhelmed. The way I handle it now is quite different than a year ago. Today I sit in it. I allow myself to fully experience the emotions of being overwhelmed. I analyze it and try to troubleshoot my way out of it. Yesterday? Well, let's just say that yummy foods can temporarily numb almost any emotion. :-)

So I guess when I think about it the 200 percent effort that I'm giving is in living and feeling every moment. Now that's progress!

Until next time,
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