There has been one thing that has nagged me throughout this process. How in the heck can you eat out within this new lifestyle? The first answer I got was "You can't!" Oh, I get it, you want me to fail! That's just not realistic. I have meetings at restaurants. I socialize in restaurants. I read in restaurants. NYC lifestyle is one filled with restaurants—PERIOD. So I have been very resistant to that concept. I thought it was just too black and white. There had to be another answer. There had to be, right? Well, the more I searched, the more frustrated I became because few experts include dining out as a part of a healthy lifestyle. Oh no! What was I to do?

Well, I decided that it wouldn't kill me to take a hiatus on dining out. So I formulated a plan along with a friend daring enough to do this with me (thanks, Shadawn) to drastically curb my restaurant living. I'm in the final week of the hiatus, and I must say it wasn't as bad as I imagined. I became quite creative with my approach to meeting friends at restaurants. I also started going to the grocery store every week (wow!).

It has been a transition but I have enjoyed many aspects of it. I've learned that I can live without going out to eat every day. After this week is over, I can't promise to not eat out again. But I can promise that I'll think twice before I pick up the menu at my favorite restaurant.

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