had an interesting epiphany recently. Someone came up to me asking how I was doing on my challenge. I gave my typical response that I am really working hard at it. Their response to me was to ask, Was I in first place? Did I think I was going to win? I was perplexed. Win? Win what? They said that since there was a challenge, they expected to be a winner and a loser. I was shocked! Really? People are expecting someone to win and someone to lose?

At first, I was so offended and I began to berate this person and let them know that I was praying that every one of the six-pack would "win!" I told the person that this was an individual journey that each person needed to figure out for themselves. This wasn't a challenge, and I was supporting everyone. How dare they. I just went on and on...

The next day, I went to work out with a friend, and as we were doing our thing, she said it. She said the word "challenge." This time however, it wasn't in the context of the other team members or even this show. She was directing the word at me. She said, "LaToya, challenge yourself. Work out harder. Push yourself. This is between you and you!" Huh? Challenge myself? Isn't it enough that I am out here? Isn't it enough that I am getting my workout in? What do you mean challenge myself? I am challenging myself!

And then, right before I fixed my demeanor to be offended, it hit me. The Best Life Challenge is not about the other five people on this journey with me. It's not about who wins or loses. It's about me and me. It's about challenging myself to live MY best life every day, with every workout and every meal. It's about doing activities that stretch me and help me to go to a higher lever.

Wow, that's deep! It made me realize that I had to recalibrate some things so that when the next person asks me if I am challenging myself I can respond with a resounding, "Absolutely!"

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