Well, this week just flew by. Really, where does the time go? I'm pretty much back into the swing of my life, which is good. The semester is starting up shortly and I'll be back to the grind with my writing (oh, joy!) for school. I have to make some progress on the dissertation journey or I'm going to begin to lose my mind.

One of the most exciting things that I have done this week was take a stroll down memory lane with my dad. Although I was born and raised in New York, I have not visited my childhood homes in quite some time. So on Monday, we took a "back in the day" road trip and visited some of those places. It was a great experience. My dad and I went back and forth, sharing stories about my youth. We laughed and shared, laughed and shared. I had fond memories in those homes.

Then it happened! It was time to eat and we decided to hit our favorite soul food spot in Queens. Duh-da-da-duuuh! Now what would I do? The old me would have had a twinkle in her eye as we pulled up to the restaurant, but the Best Life me was quite nervous. What was I going to eat? This place is not known for "living your best life." What should I choose? What would Bob order? Bob probably would not have even come into the place! So I thought long and hard and then ordered baked chicken, string beans and cabbage. No sweet potatoes, mac and cheese or stuffing for me! To top it off, I only ate a third of the serving. Now that's progress!

As I sat down and watched as my family eat (oh, they got the sweet potatoes, mac and cheese, etc.), I realized that I really have changed. I really am not the same person that I used to be, and I actually can live without consuming all those types of foods. My parents commented on my eating habits and were surprised—and proud—of my food order. You know what? So was I!

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