Well, the last week has kicked my butt! Within about a 10-day period I found out an aunt of mine has pancreatic cancer; an uncle of mine has Parkinson's; my grandpa passed, thankfully of old age; and our church bishop of five and a half years was released Sunday.

Also, there has been a fairly traumatic event in Utah with six miners being trapped in a coal mine, along with three rescue miners that were killed trying to find them. That has weighed so heavily on my mind. I just want the families of the lost miners to know if their loved ones are alive or not. It's been excruciating to go to bed every night and wake up every morning and hear nothing more of their condition. It's gone on about two weeks now.

Thus, I have definitely not been myself. I've actually been quite down and wasn't putting it all together until I started talking to my husband last night. I was happy for my grandpa's passing. He was basically stuck in a body that no longer worked, and for him to have relief was so welcomed. However, it brought with it many memories of my dad and also the end of an era with my dad's grandparents. My grandmother passed last spring. Their home will not be sold and it had always been a place of warmth and refuge. There was a dinner there the night of the funeral and it was just sad knowing neither of them was there anymore. Thinking about my dad is always hard. I miss him so much and would do anything just to be able to talk to him for 10 minutes.

Our bishop being released was also very sentimental as he was so instrumental in helping my family through the difficult times after we lost my dad in 2003. We wouldn't have come through it half as well as we did without his constant love, prayers and concern for us.

Then, throw in a lot of PMS! So, suffice it to say, I've been down and unusually weary. I've been sleeping this week. I was also taking some Unisom to get through some of the emotions of the last week, since I wasn't sleeping very well and I think that reduced the effectiveness of the antidepressants I've been taking—at least, some articles I read online said Unisom shouldn't be taken with MAOI. Then, I also take Requip for RLS. I also read that Unisom can heighten the drowsiness effects of Requip. Thus, in addition to feeling down, I think I've been a little doped up! I've slept more in the last four days than I have in months.

So last night, no Unisom and no Requip. I read something that said through mental imaging I could control some of the jumpy legs and, surprisingly enough, I fell asleep without any jumpiness. I woke up more alert today and definitely got some things done instead of being called to bed all day long. I also ate better today. When I'm tired and down, I usually don't eat and that really doesn't help either! It all just kind of compounds and I now know what I need to do to pull myself out, but the feelings of being caught in the mud when I'm down are so hard to shake.

Hopefully, in the next couple of days, with no Unisom and Requip, I'll be back to normal.

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