This week has been really good. I've really been working hard to be active during the days in addition to my workout and to also be eating healthy. One of my new favorite things is strawberries in very vanilla yogurt. Yum!

My son is doing a sports camp this week about an hour away, so that has meant some serious driving time for me—roughly about fours hours a day. But he is having such a good experience learning new sports and learning about health and nutrition that it has been my pleasure to get him there and home every day.

Me and my 2-year-old have been walking the dog every day and it just makes such a difference for kids when they get out and exercise, too. They have so much energy that it's almost a must to help them find ways to expend it. Plus, endorphins kick in and everyone is happier.

Well, get this, my size 14 clothes are starting to be big on me! I love it! I never imagined I would ever say that! It's been really fun putting on stuff though and feeling the clothes baggy from size 14! Wow!

I'm really working hard on my stomach right now. It seems that area is just really stubborn on me and it's the last to go. So tons of sit-ups, crunches, anything that will work my abs and help get them back where they are supposed to be. I hate having a fat belly!

One thing I realized this week is that, for anyone following my blogs, down days are not an issue for me anymore. Crazy huh? I hadn't even noticed till I was looking through some of my earlier entries. I think I've had one or two in the last couple of months. That is amazing to me and is such a testament to the Best Life Diet. I would never be as happy and strong as I am today if I hadn't made the decision to change what I was doing. Then beyond that, staying committed to making the changes last.

I am so grateful at this point in the challenge that I have had so much support from family and friends. I couldn't have gotten this far this successfully without everyone that has helped me stay motivated, friends that have watched my kids, and my family that has supported me every step of this challenge. I could never have imagined my life could be so improved on a physical and emotional level by exercising and eating right. The change in my life has been dramatic!

Also, thank you Bob and Oprah for this experience!

As a reminder, always consult your doctor for medical advice and treatment before starting any program.


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