We just returned from our family trip to Disneyland and what a wonderful experience. This was the first time I didn't worry before we left whether or not I would be able to keep up, and how much Advil I would need, and when I would be able to get back to the hotel room for naps!

We were at Disneyland for four days—and of the four days, I worked out twice before we left for the park in the morning. Then we spent the rest of the time in the park.

There were a couple times where our 2-year-old needed a nap, so I would take him back to the hotel and take a little nap, but it wasn't out of sheer exhaustion and necessity like it has been in past years.

The park was so much more enjoyable for me. I was able to spend most of the days on my feet without all of the pain and tiredness. I could play in the little play areas with my kids and run up and down the stairs and do the slides, etc. Overall, I just felt so good. I never worried about not getting enough sleep at night if I got up early to work out because I have learned that movement perpetuates more movement and I usually have more energy and move more the days I work out in the mornings.

We really ate well on the trip, too. My husband even brought me a fruit plate from one of the Disneyland concession stands! Of course, we did have our treats! We were in Disneyland, we had to indulge the flavorful side, but it wasn't overboard treat bingeing like it has been in the past.

We mostly ate stuff that gave us energy and nutrition, and then had a little treat here and there.

I realized the first day into our trip how much things were changing for me, when we were reviewing pictures we took during the day. I noticed I was looking so much better in pictures and I didn't mind looking at myself in pictures. I'm so used to cringing and being disappointed about how I looked, but the next day, I noticed I was friendlier to the camera and actually wanted to have more pictures of myself taken with my honey and kids!

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