Last week I was at a friend's home when my little pal, Harrison (6 years old), said, "You look better." To which I replied, "Better than what?" He looked down at his cereal, contemplating how he could best communicate his compliment, looked up with sincere eyes and said, "Better than when you were fatter!" I said, "Thank you." I was happy to hear my little friend had noticed I have been making progress on my weight loss journey.

Another little friend of mine, Connor (4 1/2 years old), told his parents that he doesn't want me to lose weight because I will no longer be the strongest man in the world. The point is, it is amazing how perceptive and impressionable children are—I am proud that I am on the road to becoming a role model of health for my children.

I am definitely very tired of being asked, "How much have you lost so far?" The truth is, the number on the scale has not been plummeting since the show and I cannot stand reporting the same weight loss number twice, because I know every time someone asks the weight loss number they are expecting the number to go down every time.

This past week really stunk. The exercise didn't really happen due to the major muscle pain in my lower back. The other day I broke down and had two large slices of pepperoni pizza for lunch. It was completely out of frustration, it satisfied me for the moment, and then haunted me for the next few days. I was trying to fill the void I was feeling over not being physically able to exercise. Ironic, huh?

Keep moving forward,

As a reminder, always consult your doctor for medical advice and treatment before starting any program.


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