Day 1, Wednesday evening, I walked out of work, stepped into my car and was instantly hungry. I don't mean I thought I was hungry—my stomach was growling and I had just eaten the turkey wrap I had brought for dinner. It is amazing how we can condition ourselves and how hard our minds will work to continue the pattern. This week has been great. From a health and fitness perspective, I have stopped eating at least two hours before sleep, have eaten a healthy breakfast every morning and have exercised five days for 45 minutes or more.

The greatest challenge this week has been finding the time for work and exercise, as there has been a tremendous amount of what I am calling "over communication" about the show with friends and family that are close to me, friends and family that I never talk to, staff and members at work, and complete strangers. The response has been overwhelming, exciting, encouraging and draining; in a nutshell, I have heard that I am courageous, inspiring and, from the male population, I have heard a lot about "big balls"—whatever that means.

The show aired on my 37th birthday and the next day Kerry (my wife) surprised me and took me away for the weekend. We had a great time spending some one-on-one time, but, no big surprise, we didn't get much sleep because of the snoring—the other guests at the B&B must have thought there was a train station nearby. The getaway was much needed and really gave us a chance to connect and talk about things other than the Best Life Challenge, like the baby who should be arriving in about two weeks.

Anyway, the switch has been flipped and I am determined to succeed at this challenge and change my life. I know soon the "bubble" is going to burst and some of the excitement and buildup will go away, and that is when reality will set in and the real work will start—BRING IT ON!

Rock on,

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