I had never equated weight loss with improved communication, but the two go hand in hand. Committing to the Best Life plan and examining the reasons why I am overweight has forced me to honest with myself and those around me, thus improving our communication. Kerry is able to trust me more knowing that I am not eating in secret.

My energy level is extremely high with carrying less weight and getting exercise on a regular basis. My alarm goes off at 5 a.m.—sometimes 4 a.m., depending on what I have scheduled for the day—and I head right down to our home gym for an hour of exercise, usually 30 minutes on the Arc trainer and 30 minutes on the treadmill. This routine has been going very well for the past few weeks, really setting the tone for the day and establishing an energy level through exercise that a double espresso cannot match.

Ella's sleep schedule is still hit-or-miss, so it can be challenging to get out of bed at 5 a.m. when I just crawled back into bed at 4 after getting Ella back to sleep. I am definitely cutting the sleep a little short right now to fit all of the day's activities in as well as my exercise time.

Kerry and I have been drinking more tea and less coffee, which creates a more consistent energy level throughout the day instead of the caffeine highs and lows. I have also been drinking Slim Fast just about every day—mostly for a snack between breakfast and lunch, or between lunch and dinner—but I also use Slim Fast as a quick breakfast on the go when I am pressed for time. I find it fills me up and gives me the energy I need.

I continue to chip away at the weight as I reinforce the new habits that I will use for a lifetime to maintain a healthy life and my Best Life.

Keep moving forward,

As a reminder, always consult your doctor for medical advice and treatment before starting any program.


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