The past few weeks I feel like I have been marking time. The days and weeks just seem to fly by trying to keep up with life. My alarm went off at 5:15 this morning and I actually dragged myself out of bed and jumped on my Arc trainer for 30 minutes and then interval run/walk on my treadmill for 20 minutes. It feels great starting my day with exercise, knowing I have done something good for myself. Early morning exercise also helps me avoid the stress of trying to fit a workout in later in the day, which more often than not does not happen.

I went to Las Vegas last week for a business conference. I flew out on Wednesday, had the conference on Thursday, and flew back on Friday. From a work standpoint, the trip was productive; but from a personal perspective, it just disrupted the rhythm I had started to reestablish. The three-day trip, aside from an early morning cardio session on Thursday, was extremely inactive and the diet was not great. I was not prepared for the flight (nine hours of traveling) and ended up eating basically snack chips and nuts for breakfast and lunch. By the time we sat down for dinner, I was a "1" on Bob's hunger scale. I ordered the cheeseburger and fries, I ate it, I enjoyed it, I am not going to regret it.

The day of the conference was much better. I was up half the night due to the time change and was standing outside the health club waiting for the doors to open at 6 a.m. so I could squeeze in a half-hour of exercise before the conference started. My diet was better on the second day as well, balanced and nutritious—the only thing I should have done differently would have been to order a steak about half the size of the one I ate. But it's difficult to pass on free steak!

Onward and upward. All and all, things are going well—just continuing to work on managing my stress levels with things other than food.

Keep moving forward,

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