Remember as a kid trying to hop into the jump rope in mid-swing? You would always start to sway with the rhythm of the rope, and each time it would swing past you would say to yourself, "Next time." And when you finally got the courage to jump in the rope would come around and smack you in the head. That is the game we are playing with the weather. We wait and wait because of the cloud cover, then we make the leap to the beach and the skies open up with rain, we scurry back to the house, and as soon as we get undercover, the sun comes back out; and with five kids, an infant and all their gear, it is quite the task repacking and hiking back to the beach.

Three days into our week at the beach and the rain does not want to stop and is forecasted for the rest of the week as well. The refrigerator is much closer when you are cooped up inside and eating can easily become an activity or entertainment instead of nourishment. We have stocked the kitchen with health foods, so about the worst that could happen is that I overindulge in boiled eggs.

I had a great workout this morning with Brian. We made our way over to York Fitness & Lobster Shop. I love going to this place because the lobster shop is attached to the fitness center and the desk employee who sells memberships also rakes lobsters from the tank for hungry tourists and locals. The vast majority of the strength equipment at this facility is well over 30 years old; the same equipment I used when I was 13 years old (and it was old then). Despite the age of the equipment it still works better than most new equipment and we had a fantastic old-school workout. Exercising at this facility is a good reminder that you do not need the latest and greatest equipment to be successful, but rather the desire and drive to make a healthier you.

The time away from day-to-day work and home is good to spend with family and focus on each other rather than all the other little stuff. I have been looking forward to this vacation to also launch into the next phase of this challenge by breaking some of the old habits that started to creep back into my daily routine, like skipping breakfast, too much coffee and late night eating. I have also started to launch a stepped-up exercise regimen with a minimum of five solid workouts (45 minutes or more), at least five times per week. I LOVE the feeling I have when I am exercising, a feeling of excitement knowing that I am taking care of myself. I still have not figured out why I struggle with making my exercise a top priority, but it is always the first thing that I let drop when things get busy—and it is always busy.

Keep moving forward,

As a reminder, always consult your doctor for medical advice and treatment before starting any program.


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