Kathleen Penny, Oprah's Boot Camp

Name: Kathleen Penny
Age: 42
Occupation: Production manager for Creative Services
Starting Weight: 209 pounds
Wants to Lose: 30 pounds
Why She's Doing It: "I have high cholesterol and need to lower it. I also want to set a good example for my daughter."
Stacey Moses, Oprah's Boot Camp

Name: Stacey Moses
Age: 32
Occupation: Supervisor of music licensing for legal and business affairs
Starting Weight: 171 pounds
Wants to Lose: 25 pounds
Why She's Doing It: "I want to be healthier, and feel good in my own skin."
Reggie Wells, Oprah's Boot Camp

Name: Reggie Wells
Age: 57
Occupation: Makeup artist
Starting Weight: 233 pounds
Wants to Lose: 25 pounds
Why He's Doing It: "I am at the age where I am concerned about my health. I want to conquer my weight before there are any problems."
Dana Leavitt, Oprah's Boot Camp

Name: Dana Leavitt
Age: 23
Occupation: Researcher
Starting Weight: 174 pounds
Wants to Lose: 20 pounds
Why She's Doing It: "I need the extra push, because I can't motivate myself to do this. Now I have to!"