Losing weight wasn't just about shedding pounds for was also a matter of overall health. "My mother, on her deathbed, said to me, 'Marie, don't do what I did. ... I'm trapped in a shell of a body. I'm only 79 years old. We weren't smart like you can be,'" Marie says. "Heart disease is terrible in my family, and all the women have been taken because of it, and I was showing every sign of it—I couldn't breathe. I remember I was out getting ready for a Christmas tour, and I couldn't cross the stage without panting. My knees were hurting."

Realizing the health risks involved with being overweight, Marie was determined to change her lifestyle. She decided to follow NutriSystem because she says it is both heart-healthy and private. "I didn't want to weigh-in in front of somebody. Please, I'm enough in the public eye," she says. "It was smart, and it made sense for me. It was also easy for me—no stress, no weighing things, no measuring things. I could just grab it off the shelf and go."


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