In 2007, Marie hit her highest weight of 165 pounds. Two years later, she's shed 45 pounds with the help of the NutriSystem diet plan and has traded in her size 12–14 clothes for sizes 2–4. "I'm a very small frame, and I'm 5'5"," she says. "This is a really healthy size for me."

Marie believes that most of her ongoing weight struggles were caused by the entertainment industry. "You see the Twiggy models, and you [feel like you] have to be emaciated to be accepted in society," she says. "There were a lot of head trips. ... Every week I was standing by Raquel Welch and Cheryl Tiegs and Cheryl Ladd, and I'm 14 and looking really stupid. I think that girls do that, [and] women do that. We compare our worst to everybody's best."

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